Fresh Air System Improves Indoor Air Quality, Schools May Usher In A Standard “Storm”

From smog, PM2.5 to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the fresh air system has become hot from little known to today. It is precisely because of the epidemic that the fresh air system has been written into the national red-head document, and the new air system has officially opened up to millions of people. The curtain of the household.

The smog hits, doors and windows are closed, and masks are worn. This seems to have become the consensus of many people. However, long-term indoor ventilation, excessive formaldehyde and carbon dioxide content, insufficient oxygen, and the growth of germs will seriously endanger people’s physical and mental health. For this reason, the fresh air system, which can solve the air environment quality problems such as indoor ventilation, filtration and purification, has become the “sweet steamed bun” in the air purification market.

The filter system of the fresh air system can intercept and purify the concealed fine particles PM2.5 in the air, and easily block the haze outside the doors and windows. The two-way fresh air system can also replace the dirty air in the room, such as high concentration of formaldehyde, TVOC, carbon dioxide, etc., make indoor air convection, and always maintain a fresh, clean, oxygen-rich breathing environment.

It can be said that the pollutants that are visible or invisible to our naked eyes, after being filtered by fresh air, the clean and fresh oxygen air is continuously sent in, just like moving the natural fresh oxygen home.


Can the fresh air system prevent the spread of the new coronavirus?


Can the fresh air system prevent the new crown virus? This is a lot of people’s doubts. In fact, as early as the beginning of the outbreak last year, Zhang Liubo, the chief disinfection expert of the China Centers for Disease Control and the director of the disinfection center of the Environmental Institute, gave a positive answer. He said: “Using a fresh air system can reduce the disorderly spillover of indoor air by increasing the amount of fresh air. We need to add some exhaust air to ensure the orderly exhaust of indoor air. The fresh air system guarantees indoor air quality monitor and avoids cross-touching. Played a very important role.”

Today, when the epidemic is normalized, “constant ventilation” is still an important means of epidemic prevention. It is good to open windows for ventilation, but the new crown virus is mainly spread through contact and droplets. Viruses that “wind into the room” may be overwhelming.

Nowadays, many regions have begun to explicitly require residential houses to install fresh air systems or fresh air devices to improve indoor air quality. At the same time, stimulated by the dual-carbon goals, new air layouts in real estate, campuses, hospitals and other fields will bring more The increment. Among the school projects, the most influential one is Zhongtai Shenghua (Hubei) Technology Co., Ltd.’s “Ten Thousand Schools Anti-epidemic Fresh Air System Entering Campus Activities”, which will play a demonstrative role in the country.

Some thoughts of the editorial department on campus fresh air:

First, the full-heat two-way flow type fresh air blower should be selected. The “Heat Recovery Fresh Air Unit” GB/T 20187-2020 stipulates the enthalpy value of the full-heat fresh air blower. The cold recovery effect is greater than or equal to 55%, and the heat recovery effect is greater than or equal to 60. %.

Second, the requirements for noise, of course, the lower the better.

Third, the installation method of the fresh air blower: It is best to be wall-mounted, so that it does not take up classroom space.

Fourth, the effect must be guaranteed.

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