Choosing A Dress For The Little Flower Girl

When the bridegroom and bride slowly entered the scene, all eyes were on them. But we all know that it is the little flower girls walking in front of you that get the most screams and laughter!

They are the most beautiful and cutest elves at your wedding. Dressing them up also gives you a chance to fulfil the dreams of the little girl in your heart. Think of them as naughty little elements in the wedding, don’t you think they are less of a headache? But choosing the dresses of the little flower girls is also a headache! But WED+ exists to solve these headaches! Vvan collected suggestions for flower girl dresses from bridal boutique Les Trois Soeurs team in London, England…

When you have selected your wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, you should have a clear idea of the overall style of your wedding. Now there is a dress that needs your attention, and it is also the cutest dress-flower girl dress. Fortunately, you already know the overall look of the people who will be playing with you, so choosing a perfect flower girl dress is really easy!

Here we share a few tips for quickly choosing flower girl skirts:

1. It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

Flower girl dress is different from wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, which is good news for you! (You must remember how much trouble you went through when choosing wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses!)

When you choose a wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, you need to consider whether the silhouette of the skirt matches the figure, and whether the waist is suitable. But when choosing these little skirts, it is much more casual!

The soft satin fabric can sag naturally without worrying about the waistline. For children, there is no problem with skirts dragging the floor, knee-length or being super short (no need to worry about whether they are fat or thick legs).

2. Choose One Size

Flower girls are usually very young. The biggest headache for children buying clothes is that they are growing up quickly. So, they may have grown a lot from the purchase to the wedding. But don’t worry.

You only need to buy a size that is one or two sizes larger than what they actually wear (it depends on the date of your purchase and the date of the wedding and whether the age of the flower girl is in a rapid growth stage.)

3. No Need To Try On

The flower girls don’t have to try on before the wedding, so you don’t have to add another item to your busy schedule. The bride can choose the style you want the flower girls to wear. You only need to give the child’s size to the clerk or you can buy it online. But if you still want to see the upper body effect of the dress before the final decision, of course you can also take her to buy it.

4. Popular Colors

Want to look in line with fashion trends? The most In color of the current little flower girl dress is milky white, which can usually be matched with bright color blocks, such as blush powder, coral red, and sage green.

If your wedding has a clear hue, you can also give the flower girls a wedding color shoulder strap like a beauty pageant to match the wedding hue. There are also some classic colors including champagne, light blue, light pink and so on. Tulle skirts are also very popular. Common materials are Tulle and Organza.

5. Ask Her Opinion

This is the little princess who walks in front of you on the red carpet and sprinkles the petals for you. Prepare a dress that can spin and fly for her. I guarantee she must be very happy! If you are very casual in choosing the flower girl’s dress, it is better to ask her for her opinion. Maybe she hopes to wear the same clothes as you, to be a miniature bride!

6. Consider The Neckline

If possible, choose a skirt with shoulder straps and a reasonable neckline. Not only does the little flower girl feel comfortable, but it also prevents unnecessary embarrassment.

7. Consider The Budget

Understand your budget, children’s dresses can choose better quality and relatively cheap styles. Under normal circumstances, you can buy high-quality and special flower girl dresses for 500-1000 dollars.

Have you got all these tips? I really did not consider the need to buy a larger size and the height of the neckline! Children are also the key objects that can enhance the beauty of the entire wedding!

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