8 Most Important Things Should Know about Chinese Visa

To help you better understand Chinese Visa Policy and get a Chinese Visa smoothly, here we give most useful visa-related tips and advice for you.

01.Always Check Chinese Visa Policy First

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on visa policies of all the countries in the World. In order to contain the spread of the virus, dozens of jurisdictions implement new measures each day.

So we have to always keep an eye on the policy news about china visa application hong kong. You can visit the NIA’s official website to get information on the latest policies and regulations. Also you can follow WeChat accounts or websites of the local foreign affairs office to get the information.

02.Apply for a Chinese Visa by Yourself or via a Visa Agent?

It’s difficult to say getting a Chinese Visa is easy or not. People may give different opinions based on individual situations.

If you have time and energy, or have experience in obtaining a visa before, you can apply on your own. Because it will save you money and give useful experience for future visa application cases. It’s always right to learn to rely on yourself.

Those who don’t fully understand China Visa application procedures, or have a tight schedule, better seek help from procession visa agency hk. They will do major fussy paperwork for you. The biggest issue is you have to pay extra service fee to the agent, apart from the Chinese Visa application fee.

But due to the COVID19, find a reliable Chinese Visa Agent could be a good choice currently.

03.Physical Examination Report is Required or Not?

Normally, for regular Chinese Visa application, such as a Chinese Tourist Visa – L Visa, a physical examination report is not required.

However, applicants will be required to submit medical examination report for applying Chinese Student Visa and Chinese Work Visa.

Thus, check from the official Embassy/Consulate website first to find out if you need one, and how to get from the appointed hospital in your country.

04.Policy before taking on board

Starting from November, passengers on flights to China from some countries will be required to take both nucleic acid AND IgManti-body tests within 48 hours (2 days!) before boarding, according to notices on the websites of Chinese embassies in countries including the US, the UK, Ireland, France, Poland, Spain, Italy and Nepal.

It takes into effect from November 6-8, depending on the country you’re in. More details please check the local policy.

05.Make an Appointment in Advance?

If you apply China Visa via Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) in UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and all 40 countries or regions, you must use the application form number to make an online appointment before that. Otherwise, your application will not be accepted by the center.

Some Chinese Embassy/Consulate also require advanced appointment to save time and ensure each application proceeding in order.

You can submit directly to Chinese Embassy or Consulate in US during office hours. No appointment is needed. A few embassy will accept walking-in submission.

The best idea is to confirm to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate where you will submit to.

06.Apply for a Chinese Visa by Post?

So far, a postal Chinese Visa application in only accepted in Australia, where applicants can mail application materials to Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) and get things back by postal as well. Thus, Express and Rush Services are not available. And the postal application takes around 10 working days.

Most Chinese Visa Application Service Centers has optional postal-return service for applicants. Extra express fees will be charged.

Some Chinese Embassies/Consulates abroad may offer mail-back service for convenience.

07.Notice before entry into China

A. Before taking flight, cruise to enter China, please check the visa if is valid and has enough number of entry. If it expires or no valid entry left, must apply for a new China Visa.

B. Visiting China with animals, plants, currency and items must comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

C. You can’t perform activities not relate to the reporting purpose, for example, holding a Tourist Visa, you can’t work or reside in China.

D. Any overstaying is forbidden. Pay attention to the passport and Chinese Visa validity. Extend the visa or renew a passport in advance if necessary.

E. Without permission, you can’t travel to areas restricted entry by foreigners.

F. Holding an invalid Chinese Visa, you will certainly be denied entry when boarding.

G.Check the documents that needed, nucleic acid AND IgManti-body tests within 48 hours (2 days!) before boarding, if you are from the US, the UK, Ireland, France, Poland, Spain, Italy andNepal. And follow the quarantine rules of China.

08.Chinese Visa Refusal – Find Possible Reasons

Accident sometimes happens. Though submitting all required documents, some people may get Chinese Visa rejected, even for no specific reason. You must understand the denial always having causes. Would that affect later application? Can I apply as soon as possible? Any advice for another submission? The first and most step is to calm down and figure the situation.

Below are some possibility of the refusal you can take a reference:

1. Issues of Application Materials:

Passport: check whether passport has a validity of at least 6 months left, or have at least 2 blank visa pages, or stamped refusal once, or has been damaged;

Application Form: check if all answers have been filled truthfully and correctly as required; don’t give any false information.

Photo: check if the photo size, color and potential problems.

Supporting Documents: check invitation letter, air ticket booking and hotel reservation, travel itinerary, the purpose and date of visiting China shall be in accordance with the application.

2. Bad Records:

Having past or current criminal record, or involving in any illegal activities could cause denial.

3. Proof of Finance:

If the financial certificate provided can’t support you during the travel, the officer may doubt your purpose and have intention of illegal work in China.

4. Other Reasons:

Forgot to make temporary accommodation during last trip in China; have police record in China; illegal stay in China before; lack essential explanation to relationship between you and the invited person; come from a terrorist country, etc.

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